Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Radishes, Great for Beginners

Radishes are awesome!  And I'm not just saying that because we love radishes.  I'm actually the only one in my family that likes them.  Here are a few I picked this morning.
Radishes are awesome because they are easy to care for and they grow REALLY fast.  Within a matter of a few weeks, they are ready.  I also love them because the kids can help me pick them, they know the ones that are ready with their red tops sprouting through the dirt. 

I got a late start on all of this, I wasn't able to plant any spring crops.  Out of the few things that I have planted, only a couple showed results.  Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it putting all this hard work in with little results.  This is just a reminder to me that it doesn't happen in a day, week or months.  It's something I have to work at and I will make mistakes.  I just need to work all winter on my compost and working on my beds and getting ready for those spring crops :) 

Look at this strange little guy.  I believe he feels like he should have been a carrot.  That's okay, we don't discriminate around here.  We'll eat him anyway :)


  1. This has certainly been a bad year for gardens around here. I'm hoping we actually get a "normal" gardening year next summer.

  2. Great job Kelly!
    Homesteading is a lot of work, and sometimes it seems like there's so much to learn and do without having nearly enough time for everything. Stick with it though - it gets easier every day.
    Keep up the good work! :)