Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wild Hogs

There is a bad hog problem on my husband's family land that he hunts.  They are over running the place and rooting up dirt everywhere.  My husband built a hog trap.  We have checked it so many times this year.  We have put sour peanuts, corn, soured soy beans in there.  We caught a baby deer in it (and let it go), but still no hogs.  Until this morning!

He was so excited that his trap actually worked.  He was talking about taking her to the processor to put in our freezer, but after smelling a horrible odor coming off her while dragging her out of the woods to the truck, he changed his mind.  I told him I have read where wild hogs eat dead animals and things like that, so you might not want to eat them.  Does anyone know if this is true?  Has anyone ever had a wild hog processed?  Hopefully we can catch a few more because it sounds like there are so many it is scaring people that live around where this one came from. 


  1. I am pretty sure they are fine to eat. They are omnivorous but I would think if it's off a farm, it was probably eating some of whatever they grow there (corn, legumes...). You could ask Hank Shaw over at he is a big time hunter, cook and could probably tell you. If it's a boar in season though, it might need to be processed carefully by someone who knows how to handle them...

  2. Thank you for the input adalynfarm! This one was a sow so I am sure it was fine. Our neighbors actually took her and they have already raved about some of it that they have smoked :)

  3. We are just getting into having hog problems a few countys over, I'm not sure if anyone around here has butcherd any or not, but I'm wondering now so will have to ask. lol