Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Homestead Update

Just wanted to post a few things that are going on around outside!

Our chicks are around 3 weeks old. They are losing their cute little fluff and are growing in pretty feathers.

I let them out today while I was messing in the garden and they came running towards the little puddle made while I was watering some plants.

I loved having them out there with me, but I was so nervous the whole time a dog or cat would come into our yard and go after them that I could hardly enjoy it.

Here I have some tomato plants and at the very end some garlic that I planted last fall and hopefully will be ready soon :)

Here I have a bed of pickling cucumbers. I also have a couple rows of radishes in there and one of green beans. The green beans have not yet popped up.

Here I have some potted sweet banana peppers. I just potted them in the past week, have to find a good place to set them.  I also have 4 more to plant.

In this spot, I have some chives planted. They are just starting to pop up. Sorry for the looks, my son stole some of my bricks. He is always building things with odds and ends laying around the yard :)

Yellow bell peppers. I really hope these turn out this year!  I would love to have a bunch put up, especially for stir fry

While I was digging a spot for some green peppers in another part of the yard, I found this neat little bottle.  There is always glass in our yard.  We pick it all up and then after it rains or somebody drives around the back of the yard, more pops up. I am guessing somebody buried their glass? I wish I knew the reason why.  We are constantly picking up pieces of glass around the yard and we have lived here 13 years.  This is the first intact specimen I have found!

Well that's what is going on around here :)  Hope everything is going well at your place, wherever you are!

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