Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chicken Update

My chicks are getting so big now!  They are going on 6 weeks old. 

Although I know hardly anything about chickens, I am starting to worry that I have at least 2, maybe 3 roosters on my hands.  What do you all think?  I keep hoping that maybe it's just because they are a different type, but they are also my most aggressive. I cannot even get their food pail out of the pen sometimes because these 2 stand on top of it daring me to get it. 

I let them out every morning and evening as I work on my garden and greenhouse and they are so nosy.  They follow me around everywhere and it is just too funny.  My husband laughs and teases me about it, but then the other day when he came home from work, they ran right up to him like they were saying Daddy's home!  So he can't tease me anymore.

Here I had sat down on a 4-wheeler trailer to take a little break and they all hopped right up there with me.  It's like they don't like me out of their site. I really don't like them out of mine either. We have seen wild cats just sitting there watching them, but you can tell they won't do anything while we are out there.  Does anyone leave their chickens out when they get bigger? I wonder if cats or dogs will get after them bad when they are bigger?  So much to learn.


  1. Hi,

    This is my 2nd year raising baby chicks. My first hatch had 3 hens and rooster. This time, I think my only hatch is a hen. At this age, you can usually tell hens and roosters apart by the comb on their head as well as their dominate behavior. From looking at your picture, I would take a guess that you have at least two roosters. Multiple roosters will be aggressive towards each other until their pecking order is established.
    Hope this helps!

  2. You don't want more than one rooster. We have had some mean rooster, and some gentle ones. We let our hens out in the afternoons and they roam all afternoon and early evening. We close them up at night. Some dogs will chase and kill the hens. We have had to watch ours for awhile. Now we can leave them alone with them and they are fine.

    How funny to have them follow you. Our turkeys that we have raised have done that as well.

    Have a wonderful afternoon.


  3. Thank you all for the comments!

    A man from our church called me about the birds. He said that there is no way to tell what they are until about 3 months old unless they are certain types that you can tell from birth. At any rate, he said he would trade them for hens when we can tell for sure because he is always going to the chicken sale. I actually might want to go with him and check things out :)