Monday, January 28, 2013

Fire Pit

I have been extremely lacking in my outside work the last few months. I attribute it to being overall unhappy with myself, my house, my organizing or lack thereof. But... It is 72 degrees outside today in South Alabama and I could not put it off any longer.

It feels like I hate the thought of going outside and working until I'm actually outside and working!

I made myself a goal to work in the yard for 15 minutes a day this week. I set my timer and here I am 25 minutes later. I knew that was all I needed, to just force myself to get going.

Today I just picked up miscellaneous debris up from the yard then I filled a bucket full of ash from the fire pit and poured it over one of my raised beds.

Now I'm just sitting out here watching my son play until its time to pick up my daughter from softball.

Life is good :)


  1. Hi, Kelly! I hope warmer, nicer weather will put you in good spirits! Looks like your fire pit is ready for a marshmallow roast. :)

  2. Thanks Vicki! This lovely weather is helping a lot :)

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