Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting Started

This title has a double meaning because I am just getting started on this blog, and just getting started with homesteading.  I have been researching homesteading and self sustainable living all summer and am very intrigued with it and just know in my heart that this is what I want to do for my family. 

While researching I have come across a bunch of blogs dedicated to homesteading and decided to make one myself to document our little steps we are taking, as well as keep track of my goals and progress, methods and crops to keep or ditch.  I know you can't make a homestead overnight, I would be very happy just to be able to have several things to can and preserve for later use right now.  Heck, until last year, I was doing good to keep one plant alive, and right now I have several living, so I am currently happy with that :)

Here are some of my goals to accomplish by planting time next year:
     *Have all beds/planting spots well worked and topped with compost soil.
     *Fertilize pecan trees.
     *Get small fencing to put around beds to keep the rabbits out!
     *To plant 2 dwarf apple, 2 dwarf pear and 2 dwarf peach trees.
     *Plant a garlic bed in November to have ready in spring.
     *Have a good-sized herb garden with a wide variety of herbs to use fresh and preserve.
     *Maybe chickens?

Some small dreams:
     *Have lots of produce to put up and really cut down on our grocery bill.
     *Keep working on my decorative plants and have enough to sell at a craft booth.
     *To be using a variety of things to help save on water and energy bills and decrease our family's carbon footprint on the world.

Big dreams:
     *Become a lot more self sufficient so my husband can quit his job or get a job closer to where we live (he commutes 2-1/2 hours per day to work).

I am sure I will have more to add to these lists as time goes on.  The current state of the economy is really worrying me and I want to do things that will ensure my family is okay if anything ever happens.  I also love the idea of getting my family healthier and spending lots of time with my kids teaching them (and learning myself) how to grow our own food and take care of the land :)


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Looking forward to your family's journey! Best wishes, daisy