Sunday, October 30, 2011


Although Halloween is not until tomorrow, our town decided to celebrate it last night, the 29th.  I am not really sure why.  They have changed it sometimes when it is on a Friday (football) or a Sunday (church), but never for any other day.  They also changed it from regular trick-or-treating to a 'trunk or treat' up town.  I was very upset with this, as it is a huge tradition around here to have hay rides and trick or treat.  People come from other towns to join in because it is so great.  I could understand if we had a lot of businesses, but we have a post office, 2 cafes, a drive-through only bank and a hardware store.  My neighbor and I decided to give out candy anyway.  I was very worried that I would have a ton leftover.  I fixed 80 bags of candy to give out and my friend also brought a ton to help out.  It was all gone!  We live right up town, and several people asked if this was the end of the line, meaning the trunk or treat.  So they thought I had joined in on it anyway, defeating my whole purpose. LOL  Oh well!
We had lots of fun anyway.  We carved pumpkins, had lots of cousins over.  I had pots of chili and taco soup brewing throughout the day and it was very welcome after standing outside in the cold for trick or treating!  We carved pumpkins the night before, as is a tradition in my little family.  They got all the goo from the pumpkins and I tried to save all the seeds that I could.

I roasted the first batch Friday night.  I put the pumpkin seeds on some cookie sheets with a little oil and salt.  They turned out great.  Saturday, I decided that I could probably add more seeds to the cookie sheets and poured the rest on.  Well they did not turn out so great :(  I hate when I try to take the easy way out and ruin something.  Lesson learned!

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