Monday, October 31, 2011

Today's Task-Putting Up Seeds

Several friends/family have commented that I must have so much time on my hands since I work at home.  This is not true.  I might have more time at home than someone working away from the home, but I still have to be at my computer 8 hours a day.  Plus I have 3 kids and keep very busy in the house and yard, so I am constantly doing something!

I've really enjoyed reading about time management in the home and garden on several homesteading blogs.  I decided this week I would choose a task for each day, but not make it so big that if something gets in the way, I would feel bad if I didn't get it done.

So in the yard:
Monday-Saving seeds.
Wednesday-Pick pecans!
Thursday-Put some compost on one of my beds.
Friday-Organize greenhouse, make sure plants are nice and cozy in there.

I have never saved seeds to plant before, but it does not seem too hard.  It just takes some planning ahead. 

How neat would it be to plant and grow veggies from seeds that I saved?  Must be very satisfying :)

So far, I am saving pumpkin, green pepper and green bean seeds. 

To save them, I have rinsed them and laid them out on paper towels to dry.  When they are completely dry, you can put them in an envelope/bag.  I have some out drying now.  I am going to put them in junk mail envelopes, write the name and date on them and seal them-a great tip I got off a homesteading blog!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, the turnips I grow are grown primarily for the roots. There are turnips that are grown primarily for the greens, but I have never grown them.

    Kateri @ Dandelion Haven

  2. Hi Kelly! Sounds like you have a good plan! You are so luck to have a greenhouse! We are trying to save seeds too. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!