Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maybe There Is Hope For Me Yet

Since I decided to try to use my land more and become more self sustainable a little late in the year, I haven't grown much.  I have gotten a bunch of green peppers, radishes, pecans and now green beans!

I'm so excited.  I don't have a bunch of plants, but hopefully it will be enough to for a few meals for my family before this cold snap comes through.  I was getting kind of frustrated, and I am so impatient.  I am part of the I want it right now generation.  I am really trying to get rid of that.  I really feel like it's all part of God's plan for me in this journey.  I have worked really hard all summer and have been so frustrated with myself and this process, but right before winter comes along here are these pretty greenbeans to remind me to keep my focus and work hard and you will have something to show for it.  This was the year for me to learn a few things and make a plan for next year when we will hopefully have a big garden and lots of food to put up. 

I have canned salsa (with gorgeous tomatoes from our local farmer's stand) and it helped me to refresh my memory and research the proper ways for canning and start up a few supplies.  Now I will be ready next year and I won't have the initial cost of a ton of jars, the canner, etc.  I will just have to buy a few more jars and some lids and I will be good to go! 

I have learned a lot about patience and hard work this year and I am very grateful for that.  I've also had a lot going on with my family with sickness, military deployments, etc. so I would not have had time to have a lot of veggies to put up and a huge garden to look after.  Everything happens for a reason!


  1. Thank you for linking up to Garden Tuesday! I find a lot of my canning jars at garage sales - I once got two boxes full for $5.00!

  2. I hope things calm down with your family. It's nice that you got that little reward from your garden.