Monday, April 9, 2012


I know it is going to take time, but I am still looking for ways to maximize the space we have at the house for gardening.  We are doing a big garden down at my husband's family farm, but I want to do a bunch of stuff here at the house so I can keep an eye on it and that is on just our land.

The hard part is figuring out where is the best place to plant.  Besides 4 raised beds, the rest of our land has been untouched for so long that it is hard as a rock, plus it is red clay.  Yuck!  I have been digging spots here and there and adding compost to it and things are coming a long little by little.

Here is just a rough drawing of what I have so far.  I still want to add to it this year.

Looking at it this way, the cucumbers are in the backyard and the bushes are out front of our house.
I have 2 raised beds behind the shrubs/bushes in our front yard.  I am trying to come up with something I can plant there (veggie or herb) that would thrive in a lot of shade.  Those boxes are behind these huge bushes and some sunlight is coming in, but not enough for tomatoes or peppers (we learned that the hard way).  Does anybody have any ideas for something we can plant that loves the shade?

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