Sunday, May 6, 2012

To Do List This Week

Why does it seem like the list of things to do is so very long and never ending?  It does feel oh so good to mark things off your list though!

This week I am going to get the following things done:

Wash, fill up and put out all hummingbird feeders (this should have already been done)
Check on all my bird houses and fill those up
Spend 20 minutes per day cleaning up future chicken coop site
Plant zucchini seeds so I can bring seedlings to my mom in 2 weeks
Weed my big raised bed
Clean off porch
Clean out sunroom and put away all cold weather items
Make and can a batch of salsa

And that doesn't include all of the laundry, dishes, carpooling, etc.

But I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Oh and tonight my family went out to eat with my husband's uncle while I had to work at home, so I decided to make a one-skillet meal for myself.  I put some butter in my skillet and added one cut up red potato and let it cook for several minutes.  Then, I added my chicken breast along with a bunch of different seasonings.  When it was time to flip the chicken, I added one cut up onion.  It was delish! I really have to use my iron skillet way more often.


  1. Hope you have a productive week!

  2. Your one skillet dish looks good. We only have cast iron skillets. Have a wonderful week.


  3. That looks delicious! I could eat fried potatoes I think everynight though...

  4. Thank you all. Cheryl, I am starting to think all iron skillets is the way to go!