Sunday, June 24, 2012

This Weekend at Our Place

Our weekend started off kind of quiet, as in noise volume, because our 9 year old and 6 year old were at Grandma's!  We only had our 12-year-old daughter so it was super quiet and kind of strange, but Nice.  We got a lot done!  Sometimes you don't realize how much of your time these little beings take up until they aren't here for a few days.

The day before they left, I was walking out onto our porch and did a double take in our sunroom.  A snake was hanging out of the jacket that held our baby bird nest! 

It was just a little chicken snake.  My husband did kill it because I draw the line when it comes to snakes getting in our house! Now I'm worried where mama snake is at.  Anyway there were no baby birds left in the nest :(  We are praying that they were out before the snake got in there.  That's what we are going to think anyway.  He didn't look like he had eaten any baby birds.

On Saturday, my husband went to help his uncle on his farm, so my daughter and I decided that we were going to get some tomatoes at the farm stand to put up and we also looked on pinterest for some new recipes to take to church on Sunday.  I have probably said before our local stand has some big pretty tomatoes!  I canned a few jars of diced tomatoes and a few of salsa. 

Well we did a good job picking some new recipes because all of our dessert was gone and almost all of the casserole was gone, and I can't even remember how many people asked me for the recipes! They keep telling me I am a good cook, but I tell them no, I just find recipes and have to follow them or else it would not be pretty!  First last night I made these peanut butter pretzel bites.  They were super good.  Even my husband who doesn't like sweet and salty combinations ate several!  I made a few just peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate because I thought he wouldn't eat the pretzels!

And then I made this macaroni and beef with cheese casserole.  It was so simple, but soooo good!  Next time I am going to double it up and stick half in the freezer. 

Sorry about this long and random post, but that was our weekend.  Thank you for reading if you made it all the way through and ya'll have a great week!


  1. It all looks yummy. Funny...I made a baked Mac & Cheese last week. Froze half. This one with beef looks really good too. Thaks for the link!

  2. That snake must have been so freaky!

    Your tomatoes and salsa look so good. I like having canned tomatoes for making soup during the winter.

    The peanut butter pretzel bites look so yummy! And the casserole too. I should have eaten breakfast before I read this!

    Have a great day.


  3. Can you explain to my hubby that snakes that come into the house should be killled?

    You were braver them me, I couldn't even go in the house for almost 2 hours after our snake incident a couple weeks ago and no way could I have taken a picture!!

    Pretzel look SO GOOD!