Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We have babies!

Not the best picture but we were trying to be quick so as not to upset mama! They were still until we made noise and then the mouths flew open. So funny how all species of babies are just alike. I can't believe the nest has lasted this long hanging on the back of a jacket in our sunroom/playroom.


  1. OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!! I can't believe that a nest was built in a jacket, LOL :) What a great story...

  2. That is so neat! We would love to be that close to some baby birdies. :) We made the ice cream sandwich cookies with whipped cream and chocolate chip cookies and they were very good. Thanks for the idea. :)

    Have a great night.


    1. Vicki, I'm glad ya'll got to try those cookies out and liked them :)