Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Homemade Cayenne Pepper Powder

A friend of mine brought me a box of all kinds of peppers (she works at a doctor's office and the patient's bring him tons of vegetables).  There were several cayenne peppers and I didn't want them to go to waste so I looked up how to turn them into the powder you use for baking.  I basically found that you just cut the ends off and stick them in the dehydrator.

I wasn't sure if the color would still come out red because of the green ones.  I left them in the dehydrator overnight and this morning I broke them up in my magic bullet (you could use a blender or a food processor).  It took literally a couple seconds to turn into powder.  I was so very excited because it looks just like what you would get at the grocery store.  I probably go through one a year to use for chili and cheese straws and I've been wanting to make some homemade taco seasoning.  This little bit of peppers actually made more than one of those little spice containers at the store.

It seems once or twice a week I'm learning something new I can do to help keep costs down or to make more things homemade.  It may not seem worth it when you just make a little container of powdered pepper, but when you add it all together, you are saving money and making healthier food for your family to eat, so it IS worth it!

This post is part of the Homestead Barn Hop at The Prairie Homestead.


  1. Your cayenne powder turned out great and your black eyed peas look delicious! You are going to have so many yummy things stored up for winter!

    Have a great day with your family.


  2. This looks so easy to do. Thanks for the encouraging post!