Monday, August 6, 2012

Two More Weeks Until School Starts!

The dog days of summer are just flying by.    I've really enjoyed spending the days with my kids and crossing things off of our summer wish list, but at the same time, I am craving a routine.  They are staying up so late and sleeping in so late.  It's going to be a big reality check when school starts, but isn't it every year?

It's been raining most evenings with a quick, strong thunderstorm.  Just enough to give us a much needed relief from the hot temperatures.  I love sitting on the porch with the breeze and watching the hummingbirds dodging the rain to get to the feeders.  I'm not quick enough to catch them or my kids are sitting with me and scare the birds off with their loud chatter.

This rain has been just enough to where I have barely had to water the few remaining plants I have left in about a month. 

My mom has a pool, so we have been spending a lot of Fridays at her house.  This guy has turned into a little fish this summer.

We've been having lots of cousins spend the night and lots of friend time this summer.  We've really enjoyed it, but sometimes it can get hectic, so I will declare a few friend-free days in a row and everything will calm down. 

The most recent things we have crossed off our summer wish  list are Make Your Own Pizza Night and Make Your Own Sundae nights.  The kids seem to enjoy the low cost/free things most of all, and I love that!

Hope you all are enjoying the last summer as we are. 


  1. Sounds like an ideal summer. The kids will have so many great memories.

  2. I hope your little ones have a great first day back to school!