Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meet Bob

We have had Bob, our elf on the shelf, for a couple of years now.  He came with a really cute book telling about how he would be watching the kids during the day and reporting to Santa at night.  He moves to a new spot every night.  He comes back every year December 1 and returns to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. 

Let me tell you it is very easy to get the kids up and out of bed during the month of December.  It is a race to be the first one to find Bob every morning.  It's lots of fun, but after 2 years, Bob was running out of fun places to move.  Thanks to the help of Pinterest, he has found a few more places to hide in the house and he has found some fun things to do.  This is what we woke to this morning:

That little rascal!  I suspect he's going to have lots of fun adventures this year :)

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