Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lessons Learned-Don't Turn Down Free Food

It took me awhile to figure this one out.  People would offer us food if they had extras, especially things out of their vegetable gardens.  Well I was not used to this when we first got married, so I would say, "no thanks" or "that's okay."  Not because I would not appreciate the food, but because I felt bad for taking it, thinking I was taking from what they needed.

Well I have come to learn and I have seen this said on many blogs-Never turn down free food!  Even if you aren't sure at first what you could do with it, accept it and thank them for it.  If you say no, next time they have extras, your name will not be on their list!

You could put some up in your freezer or preserve it.  You could also pass some along to a family or friend that might need some.

The reasoning behind this is now people will know you are open to accepting things and they will think of you next time they have too much of something.  You should not feel like it is a handout or charity.  People are just giving you their extras.  And you should feel honored, they probably think highly of you to have offered and know that you would do the same for them!

As an example, my husband's aunt came by tonight with a bunch of stuff for us.  She had gone to a food convention for her company and at the end, they gave away all the food they had left over.  She got a ton of food, and she gave us a third, taking some for herself and giving some to another friend.  I was excited because there were lots of fruits and veggies and I am trying really hard to cut back lately.  There was also a huge container of pico de gallo, BBQ sauce, some hot sauce, a bag of potatoes, ketchup, breading and seasonings and a lot more.  I could not fit it all in my picture!  So next time someone offers, gladly accept.  You never know, they might bring something by at a time when you are really needing it!

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  1. Hello Kelly,
    I remember reading quite a few posts on the subject around apple harvest time last Fall. I agree with you. I wish somebody would offer me their castoff fruits or veggies. LOL. I am the only real gardener that I know, and my siblings think produce comes from the grocery fairy. I anxiously anticipate sharing my joy the first time I AM offered something. Thank you for sharing this great spirited post on The Country Homemaker Hop. Please consider sharing with the rest of the farmgirl community by also sharing to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop here: