Friday, February 10, 2012

Making minced onions

I had too many onions, so we decided to make minced onions. I searched for the directions online and we pulled our dehydrator out. We have been married almost 14 years and have never used it!

First we thinly sliced two onions.

We spread them out among the trays.

Then we let them dehydrate for 14 hours, rotating the trays every 3 hours.

Next, we put the onions in the blender and pulsed them until they were the right size. This is how much we got off 2 regular size onions.

I think it will be worth it using more onions at one time, but I wanted to see how it worked out.  I can't wait to use them!  This is a good way to use onions if you love to have that flavor, but you have some picky people in your house that don't like to "see" the onions.

***One side effect-the smell was strong and when I picked my kids up from school, they said "mom you smell like onions!" ha

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  1. Very good Idea! Usually you have an abundance of onions at the end of a growing season. So another good way to preserve!

  2. Great idea!! My hubby likes onions, but the rest of my family (including me) does not. I use alot of minced onion in our meals. There's something about raw onion, I just can't eat them, but I like the flavor that minced onion gives food. This is going to save me soooo much money on buying minced onion!

  3. How fantastic. I love the idea of doing this. I really want to get a dehydrator but haven't done so yet.

  4. Definitely need to try this (and I have the exact same dehydrator!) Thanks for the tip. :)

  5. Those would be great for topping a green bean casserole instead of those nasty canned things!

  6. wow! That's awesome. I buy dehydrated onions (not that many, but I haven't ever thought of making them myself.
    It's fun to pull out those old (new to you!) gifts! :)
    Mrs. No-No Knows