Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy Last Week of School

I haven't had much time to post because of the last week of school.  We have had baseball awards, kindergarten graduation, baking for the teachers' end of year gifts and all kinds of other stuff.

We also started a Summer To Do List.  This list includes anything from writing letters to people to going to the beach and camping.  I told the kids to make me a list of 7 things a piece and to make sure they include free things and easy things as well.  Well they came up with a lot more.  Here is some of what we came up with:

We have done the water balloons so far... My one requirement was anyone that played had to clean up.

One other fun thing we have done is gone to an antique/junk auction.  My husband went last weekend and surprised me with the cutest outdoor table set:

I believe he got it for a steal at $25.  I am going to put some outdoor protection on it.  It goes perfect in my backyard and I've really been wanting to put a sitting area back there.

We went to the auction this last weekend with a bunch of my husband's family members and we had a great time.  This week I got a pretty quilt rack for $8 and a roasting pan for $5.  I think it was meant to be because my husband had just tried the day before to buy me a roasting pan at Walmart for $30. I told him I would just wait, but I am so happy I got this one because I have another big batch of caramel corn to make for a benefit and it is so much easier with a roaster!

Hope you all have had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I will probably put up a post tomorrow about my naughty little chickens eating all the leaves off my green bean and sweet pepper plants.  GRRRRR!

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  1. Hi, there! That is a wonderful summer to do list. And I love your table set!