Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chickens On My Bad List

So my chickens must love green beans and sweet pepper plants because they have totally devoured mine!  It made me so mad because my green beans had just started to bud and I was so looking forward to some fresh green beans out of MY garden.  We bought some cheap little garden fence to go around it even though I figured they would still fly over it, but no, they just walked right through it.  I have left the green bean plants up hoping if they are there, they will leave my squash, zucchini and cucumbers alone.  I have been trying to find a natural repellant for them or a way to keep them out. 

And here are the little culprits hiding in the brush from the hot, hot sun here in South Alabama.

Sorry for hopping all over the place, but I wanted to show one more thing.  We have noticed a sparrow in our sunroom. We have a broken window pane on the door and every time we go outside, this bird flies out when we open the door.  I have not liked it because I kind of have a flying bird phobia.  This morning I noticed it flew out of my daughters jacket. We looked inside and found this little nest with eggs! Very exciting, but now we are going to use another door of the house so as not to disturb them. 

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  1. How frustrating! I think our chickens got some of our plants in the past. We have sheep fence between the pasture and the garden now and they don't get into the garden any more.

    I hope that you can figure something out. Have a wonderful day and stay cool.


  2. I know how you feel. Our chickens scaled the fence of our garden and DEVOURED a watermelon :( I couldn't believe it!
    Luckily, they left my tomatoes alone.
    Enjoy your baby bird nest :)).