Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making pickles

I have been picking about 8 pickles off my pickling cucumber plants every couple days.  My husband says I need some more plants.  A couple of them didn't grow like the others so aren't really producing yet.  I am just excited to have something to pick right now.

So far I have done a batch of dill pickles using the Ball packages.  I hope in the future to make the pickle juice from scratch, but for now I was happy to do this. 

Basically all you need is the Dill pickle Ball package and some vinegar and water.  It's very easy.  First, you cut up the pickles and put them in sterilized jars.  Then you mix the package with water and vinegar and heat to a boil.  Next, you pour the juice over the pickles, place your lids on the jars and cook them in a water bath canner for 15 minutes.  The only thing is the package said to use 14 small to medium pickling cucumbers, but I actually needed 2 packs to fill all my jars. 

Next week I'm doing Bread and Butter pickles.  Can't wait!


  1. Your pickles look delicious! My cucumber plants aren't doing very well. I am not usually one to fertilize, but last night I gave them a little miracle grow. I really want to make pickles this year.

    1. I was really surprised at how well they are doing because they did not have a great start. We thought they were goners. But now that they have started producing, it's constant! Definitely doing these every year.

  2. Way to go! I do a lot of pickles here. My family will eat a quart jar at one time. Have a wonderful day.


  3. You've got cucumbers already!!!! Wow! Mine haven't even started vining yet...